Our Biopharma Services & Solutions

Each of our global network locations is a trusted service provider for companies engaged in the movements of pharmaceutical, life science and GMP products. They are experts in the global shipping of time and temperature sensitive Biopharma consignments, for example, clinical trial supplies, vaccines, medicines, API’s and infectious diseases.

Each of our global network locations are highly trained in all pharma operational principles and hold a full stock of fully validated thermal packaging to ensure complete temperature compliance and shipping solutions to suit your requirements.


We can provide a full range of qualified pharma packaging; from 4ltr reusable systems up to single use pallet shippers across the 3 common temperature bands. Cryogenic LN2 dry shippers are available. Direct purchase or rental options are available on all shipping systems.


Envirotainer, C-Safe and DosKasch RKN & RAP units available via direct lease with manufacturer or from airline for optimised routing and return.


We can offer controlled ambient, refrigerated and deep frozen temperature controlled storage at our Global Facilities. All equipment is calibrated to EU GDP standards.


Our fleet of temperature controlled vehicles are all equipped with live feed GPS, temperature monitoring and door open/close alerts. Vehicles are equipped with battery back-up in case of unit failure. All vehicles are calibrated and serviced to industry requirements. Our drivers are fully trained.


Our global network have strong relationships with customs and airlines at every major airport hub, with the ability to gain access to audit shipments and rectify any temperature issues whilst they are in bond.

A Quality Guarantee

We ensure that our global network adhere to universally high standards in everything they do. We can provide the reassurance that wherever in the world a Biopharma shipment needs to be that a member of the PLN global network can fulfil the most demanding of projects in accordance with regulatory requirements.

Our UK based, ISO certified, head office ensure that our global network is fully compliant:

  • The confidence of working with a global network who are assessed, audited and have technical agreements in place to provide solid services to ensure full compliance throughout the supply chain.
  • Guarantee that your global logistics requirements will be handled consistently and according to global standard operating procedures (SOPs) designed by industry professionals
  • Global coverage with the support of an ISO Certified, UK based head office
  • The advantage of working with a global network of speciality logistics providers who have many years of experience in handling complex biopharma shipments
  • Each member holds standardised, qualified biopharma shipment packaging

Global Coverage

The Pharma Logistics Network (PLN) was formed in 2013 with the clear and defined objective of offering a superior global network that will provide a seamless end-to-end, accredited Biopharma logistics service that will meet the demands of pharmaceutical clients in every corner of the world.

It will be true to its objective and will not compromise on quality or network membership criteria to gain growth.

We have representation in Europe, Asia, North America, South America, Africa and the Middle East.

PLN History

With the revision of the EU GDP guidelines in 2013, demand increased from the biopharma industry that all smaller, privately owned logistics companies must significantly improve their service levels and become fully compliant with the new regulations for the transportation of medicinal products for human use (2015/C 95/01).
These changes provided the motivation for Cavalier Logistics and BPL Germany, who already had an existing and credible biopharma customer base, to pull together other speciality logistics providers to work as a co-operative. What became evident was that although the smaller independent specialists were good, there was no standardisation of processes that enabled delivery of a fully compliant end to end service…

The Pharma Logistics Network was born!

The PLN is now proud to be able to offer a fully compliant, assessed and accredited service across the globe, underpinned by an ISO accredited Head Office and support team.

PLN Membership

The principal advantage of becoming a full Pharma Logistics Network member is the reassurance you will gain from working with fellow members with their own, established pharma client base. You will have the confidence to rely upon members in this network to deliver a high standard of service on your behalf.

To become a PLN member your organisation has to meet certain criteria in order to successfully deliver against the pharma industries high standards and expectations. Each of our members is assessed and fully adheres to PLNs ‘Gold Standard’. Each member is clearly identified in our members directory for their strengths and industry accreditations allowing quick assessment of each members capabilities.

We also adopt a strict Code of Conduct which ensures that every PLN member is dedicated to high quality performance standards and sound financial practice.

Member Benefits

  • The confidence of working with fellow members with their own established pharma client base
  • Each of our members has been assessed for pharma compliance
  • Exclusive membership by country; no other member would operate within your country
  • Participation in the PLN Annual Conference
  • Full access to the secure Members Area of the PLN website
  • Your company details and marketing material listed within the members area on the PLN website
  • Your companies services, facilities and industry accreditations identified clearly within the members area on the PLN website
  • Authorised use of PLN marketing material and the PLN logo
  • Access to a members only PLN Technical Helpdesk to support any global shipping questions
  • Exclusive discounts for entry to global industry events and advertising opportunities
  • You will receive the full support of an ISO Certified, UK based head office
  • PLN will support you in your transition from thinking locally to acting pharma-globally

PLN Charter & Code of Conduct

The Pharma Logistics Network Charter and Code of Conduct are the foundations of our organisation, ensuring that all members adhere to universally high standards in everything they do. This gives members, and customers, the reassurance that wherever they need to find a qualified partner, they can do so through PLN, secure in the knowledge that all PLN members can fulfil the most demanding of projects.

Our Global Reach

Since the launch of PLN in May 2013, we have representation in Europe, Asia, North America, South America, Africa & Middle East
North & South America
Middle East

The PLN Network Philosophy

The Pharma Logistics Network (PLN) has been established by industry professionals to meet the growing need for a truly professional global association of speciality logistics providers where capability, resources, and infrastructure are in place to meet the most demanding client needs. PLN will support you in your transition from thinking locally to acting pharma-globally.

The PLN philosophy is the ‘Stronger As One’ approach; enabling each PLN member to tender for global RFQs with the knowledge and confidence that there is a compliant network supporting them. The PLN offers you the assurance of an ISO accredited, UK Limited and tax registered company to support your global pharma business.


‘Doing business with people who understand the business’
It doesn’t need explanation; if we contact a PLN partner, they understand how critical it is for us to have specific packaging or specific temperatures delivered with urgency, and the reasons for such a request. They speak the same language and this makes it so much easier for us to do business with them.

Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania

‘It’s a guaranteed gold standard’
The PLN offers a guarantee that no matter which partner you work with from the network they will have been assessed and accredited to be able to offer a gold standard of service that matches up to the pharma industries expectations.

Cavalier Logistics
United Kingdom

Connecting Valuable Partners
PLN provides our company with like-minded partners from around the world, expanding our global coverage.


A quality guarantee'
By collaborating with a PLN qualified partner you can be guaranteed, due to their levels of expertise, that no temperature deviations will take place within your global API supply chain.